Our Facilities


Horses thrive when they’re outside, so with over 200 acres of dairy land winter turnout is unlimited. In the summer smaller paddocks are made using electric fences and are rotated according to the needs of the horses we have grazing.

The fields and fencing are all well maintained. Being a diversification of a larger dairy business gives us access to plenty of ground, maintenance equipment and the fields are well cared for throughout the year. We wood chip our pathways to help keep the winter mud to a minimum.

Our horses have access to turnout all year round. However, I do reserve the right to keep all horses indoors in the event of foul weather and on the odd occasion that the Mendip Farmers Hunt are covering our area.

In the summer months if the ground and weather are good, horses may stay out over night. We also operate a last out policy so that no horse is left on its own in the fields.

Please call us on 07815 767916 to find out more about livery at Vale Hollow Farm Livery.