Our Tariffs

Assisted DIY Part Livery Full Care & Exercise
£89.59pw £157.56pw £237.56pw
Morning Feed
Turn Out
Skip Out
Muck Out
Change Water
Fetch In
Evening Hay & Feed
Late Night Check
Tack Clean (1 p/w)
Exercise (3-4 p/w)

Pricing details…

Livery prices include use of all facilities and you may upgrade for a day, week or month if you are planning a holiday or need lighter duties with your horse for any reason.

We can also provide clipping, platting, schooling, lessons and transport if you should so need.

Horse box parking starting from only £5.00 per month

If you would like to know more or would like to have a look around contact Tabitha Sparkes B.H.S.A.I. via our contact form or call 07815767916